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Homeopathy:  The Medicine You Can Live With
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quotation markThe science of homeopathy is a powerful tool. But the heart of homeopathy, as well as with any true teaching, is truth. The art of seeing the truth is what David Kramer brilliantly and diligently hones in his teaching and practice.
-J. M., Sag Harbor, New York

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Info About Homeopathy


Homeopathy is essentially energy medicine. Based upon the premise that all disease is result of some derangement or weakness of our vital force which by its very existence is energy itself and not substance. Therefore, the only way to bring about a true and lasting cure for our maladies is to introduce a remedy into our organism which exists on the identical plane and contains those same properties as that vital force which has become compromised.

Since the vital force "knows" the precise nature of its own weakness and the accompanying symptoms which manifest and result from that derangement, once strengthened with homeopathic remedies only the vital force itself can initiate and bring about a speedy return to complete health on all levels.

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