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Homeopathy:  The Medicine You Can Live With
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quotation markThe science of homeopathy is a powerful tool. But the heart of homeopathy, as well as with any true teaching, is truth. The art of seeing the truth is what David Kramer brilliantly and diligently hones in his teaching and practice.
-J. M., Sag Harbor, New York

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Information & Resources

First Aid

In cases of serious trauma, where there is loss of consciousness, hemorrhage, persistent pain, apparent fracture, respiratory or cardiovascular involvement, choking, or deep wounds, always and immediately seek conventional medical attention from your private care physician or hospital emergency room. If in doubt err on the side of caution and seek emergency medical treatment and at least get a medical diagnosis of the problem. In general, accurate medical diagnoses are helpful to the practitioner under all circumstances.

In situations where emergency care is clearly not required, call your practitioner and report the nature of the injury or symptom. Explain clearly and without a lot of editorial commentary, where it is located, how it occurred, the quality and severity of the patient's pain or experience, any factors that might make the condition better or worse, and any other information pertinent to the event. Allow time for the practitioner to record, assess, and ask the necessary and relevant questions regarding the event.

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