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Homeopathy:  The Medicine You Can Live With
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quotation markThank you from the bottom of my heart for providing a place where learning, knowledge and the pursuit of wisdom is not only encouraged, but celebrated.
-T.G. Huntington, New York

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Who We Are

David Kramer

David Kramer has been involved with classical homeopathy, other complimentary therapeutics and metaphysical teachings for over 40 years. He has been a full-time Homeopathic Consultant for over 30 years. He has studied with such contemporary masters as the late Dr. Francisco Eizyaga, Jeremy Sher and Vega Rozenberg. After completing the four-year international program given by George Vithoulkas in Alonissos Greece, David was subsequently chosen to be the North American Program Coordinator of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

David is the founder and principal teacher of the Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy, established in 1995. The mission of the school is to integrate the highest understanding of the principles and theories of classical homeopathy as expounded by the masters and apply these same laws of healing to contemporary life. The intention of this program is to explore and clarify the total range of the emotional and spiritual spectrum of the human condition which must be understoodnd placed in appropriate individual and cultural context in order to promote true healing.

Janet Madow

Janet's involvement with homeopathy spans over 25 years. A graduate of the Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy with 6 years of advanced clinical study, Janet has had the good fortune to work with a Master Homeopath.

She began her education with a study of orthomolecular medicine and psychotherapy, which led her to the study of homeopathy, other complementary medicines and metaphysical sciences.

Janet is a classical homeopath with a private practice in Monroe, New York.

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