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Homeopathy:  The Medicine You Can Live With
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quotation markThank you from the bottom of my heart for providing a place where learning, knowledge and the pursuit of wisdom is not only encouraged, but celebrated.
-T.G. Huntington, New York

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Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy

Empower yourself and those you care for with the gift of optimal health. Since 1995 the Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy, (HVSCH) has been instructing individuals in the art of healing and maintaining health on all levels.

With an in-depth understanding of the laws and principles that govern the science of healing, correctly learn how to administer safe and highly effective homeopathic remedies for a variety of chronic and acute conditions.

The high standards of HVSCH are intended to meet the needs of both the serious lay person, as well as those that are professionally minded. Modules are available from beginners/intermediate through advanced/clinical.

The staff is dedicated to providing participants with the most efficacious tools and thorough knowledge of this marvelous medicinal therapeutic that is Classical Homeopathy.

Two-Year Certification Programs

The Nature of Healing

This year, HVSCH offers a new two-year comprehensive foundation program entitled "The Nature of Healing." This program offers the classical teachings in philosophy and methodology in a two-tiered curriculum. This two-part foundation program is open to everyone who would like to learn, from the layperson wishing to treat friends and family to the professional who would like to integrate another paradigm into their practice.

Year one � The Acute Prescriber. This is an intensive one-year comprehensive program in acute prescribing, designed to invite students who would like to offer themselves, their friends and families a healthier alternative to healing. The first year of any homeopathic curriculum is the most important year, as it is the year the foundation for all else that follows is established. This year focuses on the classical teachings in philosophy and methodology, as we learn the fundamentals of prescribing through the acute remedy pictures. By the end of this year, the student will have met a level of proficiency to prescribe for many acute and traumatic conditions that will prove very valuable under many circumstances occurring in daily life. The innovative way this program is structured allows the participant the option of one or both years of study. The Acute Prescriber Program is a prerequisite for year two.

Year two � The Healer. Year two continues with a more in-depth program for the student who would like to understand the nature of health and disease and the wisdom of homeopathy on a deeper level. This comprehensive program covers the classical teachings in philosophy and methodology and is designed to give students more refined skills in case-taking and case management by seeing the subtleties and nuances of a deeper dynamic. This year focuses on the constitutional remedy pictures. At the end of year two, the student will have met a satisfactory level of proficiency for prescribing for certain chronic conditions with a deeper understanding of case management, and will have met the requirements for classroom hours to be eligible for the certification exam given by the Council for Homeopathic Certification.

Contact Janet Madow at 845-774-8677, or go to LakeRegionHomeopathic.com to register and for further information. Class begins September 29 and 30.

The Master Clinical Course on DVD

This two-year program is intended to provide participants with the deepest understanding of the subtleties and nuances of Classical Homeopathic case-taking techniques, methodology, and philosophy.

Come and feel the real-time follow-up clinical program with the master of sleuth himself, David Kramer. As a full-time homeopathic practitioner for over 30 years, David has found the thread of the case where others have either failed or gotten lost. You are invited to learn how to see with "all your senses," as Hahnemann states in the Organon, but to do so you must learn to observe without prejudice in the mind and with a heart of compassion.

This year, David is proud to announce the Master Clinical Course on DVD. Always in demand to teach another course and to make his teachings available to a wider audience, David decided to film this course, which was conducted in a real-time environment from an uninterrupted two-year period. This program consists of select lectures and a clinical part that follows the initial consultation and case management and analysis of four patients.

These lectures are infused with the various metaphysical sciences David has studied over the course of more than 40 years, which he beautifully and seamlessly synthesizes with the principles of classical homeopathy, based on Hahnemann and Kent. Taped live, both in the classroom and in consultation, you can now get into the mind of an astute clinician, as David masterfully leads you through the intricacies of case analysis and long-term case management, following four patients over the course of two years.

This course is invaluable to all students and practitioners of homeopathy and the healing arts. Ask about the discount David is offering to students and study groups until August 1, 2016.

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