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Homeopathy:  The Medicine You Can Live With
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quotation markThe science of homeopathy is a powerful tool. But the heart of homeopathy, as well as with any true teaching, is truth. The art of seeing the truth is what David Kramer brilliantly and diligently hones in his teaching and practice.
-J. M., Sag Harbor, New York

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Information & Resources

Water Administration of Homeopathic Remedies

  1. Place one or two pellets of recommended remedy into 4 ounces of distilled or bottled water in a glass, or fill a 2 or 4-ounce stock bottle.
  2. Allow the pellets to dissolve for 10 - 15 minutes. Until the glass is finished there is no need to add any additional pellets or water to the glass or stock bottles.
  3. Stir glass briskly for a moment with a stainless steel teaspoon or shake stock bottle vigorously for a moment.
  4. Take one (1) teaspoon from the glass or stock bottle and swish in mouth and then swallow
  5. Rinse the teaspoon with tap water and dry it with a paper towel. Cover the glass with a piece of plastic wrap.
  6. Repeat this administrative process: Steps #3 through #5 _______ times a day.

AVOID THE USE OF COFFEE, MINT, MARIJUANA, CAMPHOR, EUCALYPTUS and MENTHOLATED products as they can antidote the action of the remedy.

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